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Committed To Our Mission

The decision to seek treatment for substance use and mental health is never an easy one. And today, in this unprecedented time of uncertainty and apprehension, making such a critical choice can be completely overwhelming.


As a behavioral healthcare provider network, we have a responsibility to maintain continuity and accessibility of care. We can’t forget that we’re in a life and death struggle with addiction and mental health disorders on a daily basis, and notwithstanding the global threat of COVID-19; we must stay true to our mission.

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What We're Doing

We've adopted the following procedures to ensure our treatment facilities operate at the highest standards of infection control, safety, security, transparency, and uninterrupted clinical excellence.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • All Blueprints care environments, including Chapters Program clinical facilities, transitional living facilities, vehicles and outpatient counseling centers are deep-cleaned and disinfected at and above the standards published by the CDC multiple times throughout each day.
  • Beyond the daily infection prevention and control measures we’ve adopted to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, Blueprints has also contracted with professionals to ensure safety and security at the highest level. Dominion Pest Control will be working with Blueprints to provide disinfecting services as a complement to our own internal procedures. Additional measures include physical wiping and disinfecting, as well as a broadcast deep cleaning with a ULV machine applied as an aerosol which does kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the cause for COVID-19 and other concerning illnesses).
  • All Blueprints employees are prioritizing personal hygiene and infection prevention at home and at work, including following the CDC and WHO recommendations for hand washing and hand sanitizing, utilizing personal protective equipment, avoiding touching their faces, mouths and eyes, and maintaining adequate social distances.

Screening & Admission

  • We have overhauled the health and infection control screening procedures employed for all newly admitting Blueprints clients.
  • Before any new client enters the facility for evaluation or admission to an active program, they must answer a comprehensive series of screening questions to identify infection control risks.
  • Only after our medical and clinical teams are satisfied they pose no risks to the current client community, they are scheduled for a full evaluation to enter care.
  • During their evaluation, each clients commits to a full-scale screening, including temperature readings and other tools for ruling out the possibly of a COVID-19 infection.

Monitoring & Testing

  • All Blueprints staff and clients are monitored and screened for potential symptoms on a daily basis.
  • We employ a practice of temperature testing and symptom monitoring that is not invasive or disruptive to the treatment experience, but allows us to confidently maintain an infection-free care environment.

Responding To Potential Infections

  • The Blueprints Chapters Program is at a unique advantage to expeditiously and responsibly respond to instances of potential infection.
  • Even though a diagnosis of COVID-19 is unlikely as the Blueprints care environment is a closed and controllable system, we maintain the ability to temporarily isolate and transfer individual clients who may be awaiting test results after presenting with low-level symptoms.
  • It is important to remember most testing is done as a general precaution, as most of the symptoms congruent with the common cold, such as runny nose and fever, may precipitate precautionary COVID-19 testing. No clients have been or will be admitted to Blueprints if there is a legitimate or measurable probability that they have contracted or will develop COVID-19.

Social Distancing

  • In the interest of reducing the spread of COVID-19 to the public, and with a particular emphasis on eliminating the possibility of Blueprints staff or clients contracting COVID-19 from individuals, groups or events in the community, we have eliminated all outside activities, appointments and events for the time being.
    • Blueprints clients still have access to all of the social support and recreational resources they need to have a robust holistic treatment experience, including an in-house gym/fitness area, on-site recovery community meetings, yoga, art, music and expressive therapy classes, and much more.
  • See below for utilizing Telehealth as a means of social distancing.


  • The Blueprints Chapters Program, is the only service that remains fully operational and accepting new direct admissions into the facility.
  • Our Intensive Outpatient Programs and General Outpatient Services are still active and accepting new admissions, however, they are being facilitated via Telehealth (Video and Audio Technology).
  • If you would like more information about how IOP and OP works utilizing Telehealth, please reach out.